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13 Mojito

Failure to Launch We dive into a conversation with Zac, our Content Coordinator, about ...
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12 Midori Sour Pt. 2

What's it Like Being a Local Influencer? Part two of Danell's episode is here and we ...
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11 Midori Sour

Who is Danell Taylor? Danell is one of the nicest and hardest working people we've had ...
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10 The Last Word

We All Have Things We Hate Jesse has a whole list of pain points and annoyances in the ...
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09 Three Dots and a Dash

Meet Riley Our Utility Player! Every agency needs a Riley. Somebody who can fill in for ...
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08 Greyhound

Our Summer Interns had a Blast! Our interns are done for the summer and we decided to get ...
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07 Aviation

Content Planning From a Content Enthusiast  Get ready to dive deep into all things ...
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06 Jalapeño Margarita

PPC vs SEO—what's the difference? Digital Specialist, Geri, takes us through a ...
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05 Bougie Shirley Temple

Summer Inter(n)view We've got interns! In this episode, we check in with them ahead of ...
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Jungle Bird Part 2 | Episode 04

What Makes a Good Work Culture? A counter to last week's episode (and the second part of ...
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About the Podcast
Cocktails, Tangents and Answers is a marketing podcast that takes you on a ride with our team. We'll kick off every episode with a little chat, a cocktail recipe (sometimes basic, sometimes craft, sometimes bougie) before we get into a conversation to tackle some of the pressing marketing questions of the day. And we go on tangents. So we hope you enjoy the randomness.
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