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12 Midori Sour Pt. 2

What's it Like Being a Local Influencer?

Part two of Danell's episode is here and we continue to dive deeper into his life as a local influencer. He truly seeks to help the community and local businesses as much as he can and he's a great person to have on the show. We loved hearing about his social media methodology and hope you enjoy it as well. 

Midori Sour 


  • 1 ounce Midori
  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 1/2 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • Club soda, to top
  • Garnish: lemon wheel (optional)

Our guest Danell loves a good Midori Sour! It's a fun looking and tasting cocktail with a nice sweet and sour finish. This is a super simple cocktail and we encourage you to use the highest quality spirits and ingredients you can. 

  1. Pour Midori, your favorite vodka and lemon and lime juices to a glass of your choice filled with ice. 
  2. Stir until combined, and top with soda water.
  3. Garnish with a lemon wheel if you're feeling fancy. 


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Episode Transcript

Danell              I gave people a heart attack. I think it was last week on Facebook because I said something about it was, versus being well known, restaurants that are not popular, like lesser known, I could have said lesser known, but in my mind, and I knew it wasn't per the dictionary, I knew it wasn't the way to use it, but it felt right. Instead of saying well known, I said, it's cool to spotlight places that have a big following or something like that. But it really feels good when you share an un-well known restaurant or spot. People were like it sounds like the restaurant's sick.

Catelin:            Why aren't they well known? Is it seems like there's a reason.

Rich:                 Did you see more engagement on that though?

Danell              Yeah, people commented and stuff. I said I'm sorry to trip your trigger with this. I know that it's not right, but I'm like, it's 2022. I'm like, bad means good sometimes. You can make words whatever you want them to be.

Catelin:            Yeah, that's sick. [inaudible 00:03:55].

Rich:                 Let's make this happen. Let's make unwell happen.

Catelin:            We're bringing it back, we're taking it back.

Rich:                 Dude, that is so unwell.

Danell              And I had a couple people comment. I just thought it was funny. I'm like, I get it. I get where you're coming from, but this is where I'm coming from. And I knew it and in my mind, that's how I said it in my mind. So that's what I stuck with. And I'm not changing it. Someone was like, I think spell check struck again. And I was like, no, it actually didn't. Not this time.

Catelin:            That's all me. Thank you for noticing.

Rich:                 So when you're going to do a social post or an episode, do you just do whatever is on your mind that day? Or how do you come up with your ideas in your content? Because you've got a lot of content out there and I'm just curious.

Danell              I just flow. It depends. Sometimes I schedule stuff. Well for my accounts, my small guy in Omaha Fattie, I don't schedule stuff as much as I do for people, for my clients. Yeah, I'll schedule stuff more for them, but for me, yeah, it's just like whatever. This is what I'm feeling now. Or I might have the idea for something and I might not actually do it for a couple of days or something, but I'm just like, oh, let's do this, let's do this. That's the beauty of it just being me.

Catelin:            [inaudible 00:05:13] just massive or you just keep it all?

Danell              I'm very spontaneous. So sometimes it's just like, hey, I'm just going to do this.

Rich:                 Because there's one episode when I knew I was going to be on your podcast, I listened to one episode to get kind of prepped. And it was the you'll never believe what I found in the Walmart parking lot episode.

Danell              Oh yeah.

Rich:                 So here's what I'm thinking happened in my mind. I'm like so he goes to Walmart, he's minding his own business. Somebody leaves a backpack out and I won't spoil it for everybody, but there was something in the backpack that should not have been in a Walmart parking lot unattended. It wasn't a baby though.

Catelin:            I was like, was it an infant? Because that's immediately where my brain [inaudible 00:05:53].

Danell              But it was a diaper bag.

Rich:                 Yeah, it was a diaper bag. So you found that. So I'm like, my guess is you went there, you found that, and you're like, I got to talk about this. So you just get on and you record an episode to talk about it. You get it out there and chat.

Danell              Yeah. So at first I was like, okay, nobody's going to believe this. I got to take a picture at least. So I took a picture and I'm like, okay, I'm going to make a post on this. And I didn't plan on podcasting about it, but the way I podcast is oftentimes I'll have a guest lined up so that's cool. But if I don't have a guest, I can talk about whatever I want to talk about because it's my podcast. It's just me. So I do sometimes what's going on in my life, I'll talk about my kids, my daughter wrestling, jujitsu, whatever it is. I can talk about food supporting local frustrations. I always say that my podcast is my diary when I don't have a guest. So it's just random thoughts sometimes. Or I could have a thought on something like yeah, I'm just going to pin this.

Danell              And I'm horrible about keeping notes and stuff, but I just keep it all in my head. So I'm like, okay. Like one podcast I'm going to do here soon is my dojo was closed on last Sunday for our open mat that we usually do. So I went and visited another dojo. So I'm like, that's going to be a podcast here soon in the next couple of weeks. Just talking about the Jujitsu community is strange because we talk about it being community, but sometimes people don't like to cross train at different gyms. So we were just talking about how much of a blast it is when you get to roll with new people and how important it is to be more well rounded. So when you have an open mat and people come to your open mat, you're excited. You're like, oh, I get to roll with someone new. So I'm like, why don't we do that more? Why is there's this thing, it's us versus them? We all should be pushing each other to be better.

Rich:                 And training with people who, if you train with the same people all the time, you know their moves. You know what they're doing, you know who they are. When you get new people in there, it's going to freshen you up and that's going to be a great way to do it.

Danell              And you don't know how good, or you don't know your real skill level when you're going against the same people all the time. Especially when you guys are learning from the same instructors. I mean, there's some guys who pick stuff up from YouTube videos or they're reading books and whatnot. I'm not a huge student of the art. I just go and train. I go because it helps me get moving and as much as I'm eating, I need to be doing something to keep active. And that was the thing that I started doing when my daughters were doing it. So it was a family bonding thing for me.

Catelin:            That's so cool.

Danell              Yeah, so it's different levels, but I'm like, I just go and train. That's all I do. I don't really spend a lot. I might watch some videos on Instagram or TikTok or YouTube, but I'm usually not trying a lot of stuff that I see on video at the dojo in real life. But those are the things where sometimes you can try something against someone who you've gone against multiple times and you kind of know each other's game. You're like, look what I learned. Look what I saw.

Rich:                 Part of what I love about everything that you do is it's also local based. You get so much inspiration from local and it's not just food because the food pictures and all that and those are great. And talking about food is great and we're very food centric as well. We love our food. I believe there was cake in our office in Sioux City today. Lemon [inaudible 00:09:42]. But just like the dojo experience, those are two local businesses that you're talking about and sharing info about. And you're like, you're a hyper connector, but you're a hyper local connector. And I think that's kind of why our producer Zach reached out. He's like, this guy knows everybody. He's talking about everything that's going on in Omaha. It's cool.

Danell              It's so crazy, man. Well, and I'm starting to be recognized for the Omaha Fattie stuff. Go ahead.

Catelin:            How often do you get recognized?

Danell              It's almost every time I go out. It's crazy. One of the first times that it happened was during Covid. Because I think that's what happened. A lot of other businesses, I think during Covid is when people started to really start gravitating towards Omaha Fattie. So I was at Sam's Club with my daughters one time and I had a mask on. They had masks on as well. And we're just walking down the aisle and this lady goes, hey, you're you! And I'm like, sure, yeah. I am me. That's me. So I didn't really recognize at first that she was talking about Omaha Fattie. Then she told me her name. She's like, yeah, I followed you on Facebook. I said, oh, I know your name. It pops up all the time. So shout out to Lori Conclan if you happen to hear this podcast.

Catelin:            Oh, that's so sweet.

Danell              She was one of the first people. But last night we went out to eat at Ahi Sushi and Ramen on 124th and center. And there were two ladies with a kid that were walking in behind us. My wife was holding the door open. I of course hold the door. I said, no, you go ahead. I let her go. And then I hold the door for the two ladies in the kid. And the first lady named Libby, who I met her last night, she goes-

Catelin:            Now you're friends.

Danell              Yeah. She goes, "Well I know that you're eating here so I know I'm at the right place." She goes, "I'm a big fan of your page."

Catelin:            Do you feel like you have to be on your best behavior? I would be nervous. You're just always on your best behavior?

Rich:                 I feel like he's kind of always [inaudible 00:12:01]. I just get that vibe.

Danell              Unless I'm in traffic.

Rich:                 I mean, I'm sure you have bad moods. It's like everybody has a bad mood, but you just seem like you're not the guy who's going to snap at a stranger. You're going to be more [inaudible 00:12:15].

Catelin:            Hold the door for [inaudible 00:12:16].

Danell              Yeah. It would take a lot for me to snap at someone, but yeah. I try not to because as I often talk about, it's so negative these days. Everything is so negative and people focus on that negativity. And you can see that in posts as well. I can post something influential or motivational or something and it might get a few hits, but I tell you, if I post something about some drama, oh my God, everybody is commenting on it. And I'm just like, why is it like that? And I can't remember if I read it or if I heard it, but there's this thing where there's this story about a teacher, she's a first grade or second grade teacher. And she's doing mathematics with her class. And so on the chalkboard, she starts to write from one to 10 and she goes one, two, three, five, six.

Danell              And then she counts the rest of the way to 10. Well, the kids start laughing. And she's like, "Why are you guys laughing?" And they say, "You missed the number, you skipped four." And that was her lesson to the class. I did that on purpose. In life, you can do right 90% of the time, but that 10% is what people will focus on. So I'm always trying to go out and leave good impressions on people. And when I've talked to youth before, I talk about the ripple effect and you never know how far an engagement with someone will go. So something like holding the door open or what I do often is if I see an older person putting groceries away, I'll wait if I'm getting ready to put my cart back and I'll ask them if I can put their cart back. That other day when it was a hundred and something degrees, I saw a lady in the parking lot. I said, "I'll take that back for you." And she was so grateful for me doing that. That little thing-

Catelin:            I did that at the store a couple weeks ago, similarly. And the guy looked at me like I was going to ask him for money. He was so shocked that he was like, what do you want for me? And I was like, no, I just want to put your cart back because you just carried four 12 packs of Pepsi out.

Rich:                 In fairness, if you're at Aldi, you are asking for money because [inaudible 00:14:45].

Catelin:            It was not at Aldi. I do the maximum amount of money I've collected at Aldi is 75 cents. I'm constantly trying to top that, trying to break my own record.

Rich:                 I was just thrilled because I went up to get them and we didn't have any quarters with this, but there was [inaudible 00:15:03] in the car. So I got quarters out of the car and then I was going up and I noticed there's a cart just sitting over there. There's no cars anywhere near it. There's no people anywhere near it. So I stood there for a minute watching. It's like I'm stealing something.

Rich:                 And I was like, well, I'm just going to go use the cart that's over there halfway across the parking lot because it's got to come back anyway. And no one was near it. So I was like, all right. [inaudible 00:15:27]

Danell              Yeah, that's funny. I tell you, people don't expect to run into someone doing something just out of the kindness of their hearts. One of my best friends, he did pretty well for himself, him and his family. And they were big about giving back to the community. And they went to a lower income area of Omaha and I can't remember how many he had, but it was around the holidays. He bought a bunch of $25 gift cards and he was just standing out in front of a store and handing them out to random people. And he said the looks that he got from some of the people, it was so untrustworthy. No, what are you doing?

Catelin:            What's the catch?

Danell              Yeah. And he's like, no, I just wanted to do something. Like I'm in a place where I can help other people and this is just how I chose to do it. But people don't expect that because there's so much negativity. We stopped watching the news for the most part years ago because-

Rich:                 Same.

Danell              There's so much negative-

Catelin:            I read it and even then I'm like, oh, maybe I should put this down.

Danell              Yeah. So it's tough sometimes. And that's what I try to do. I used to complain a lot about how bad things were and at some point I just said I complain so much that I better start trying to do something about it.

Rich:                 And that's a really great wrap up for what your content is. It's talking about great food, talking about great experiences in Omaha. And then uplifting and promoting other businesses and other people in the community. It's great. We're so happy to have you on here.

Danell              Man. I'm happy to be here. I'm honored.

Catelin:            Oh my gosh, this has just been such a joy already. I'm curious if you have advice for someone who might be considering content creation or podcasting or local blogging, any of the things.

Danell              I get questions sometimes. I just had a friend that I used to work with, he sent me a message on LinkedIn. He goes, hey, a really good friend of mine is thinking about starting a podcast, I dropped your name and gave her your contact information so she might be reaching out to you just for some tips. So she reached out and I said, you know what? The only tip that I have is to just do it. You learn as you go. No one knows everything about any topic that they have just started to do. And I used to listen to a lot of Gary Baner Chuck years ago, and that's probably what helped me along too, because I was getting all this information from Gary Baner Chuck. I was doing a lot of stuff on my own already, but he was the reason that I started recording through Anchor because he was talking about Anchor and I was like, oh, it's an easy way to record.

Danell              Instead of me doing a video, I can just do audio through my phone or whatever. And so you just got to start doing it. No matter where you start, you will learn as you go and you'll find what works for you. I didn't plan on doing social media or making content. I was all about making in-person events. That's what I was doing. But I find that when you put energy out there, because everything is energy. When you put energy out there, it not only comes back to you, but if you're working hard and being consistent, that's one of the biggest things. Be consistent, work hard, and then be authentic. Be you. I might do a crazy intro. What's up everybody? It's your man Danell, aka Small Guy Promotions, AKA the Omaha Fattie. I might start that off, that's my intro.

Danell              I'm trying to capture your attention, but a lot of times people realize that I'm being genuine. They say there's a lot of food bloggers, but I like your page. I like you because you're different. You make food fun. I've heard that so many times and I'm like really? It's crazy because I don't see it as me doing anything. And that's a key thing. You may not recognize the greatness of something that you do because it comes naturally to you. But someone else who's watching, that might motivate them or that might just get their attention. So I started leaning into it. I was just telling someone the other day, back when I was younger, I didn't like strangers coming up and talking to me. I'm like, why are you talking to me? I don't know you. Leave me alone. But when I was 19, our apartment manager, she called me outgoing and I was like, me? I'm outgoing?

Danell              I've never been called that before. And then just things kept happening and it was just that energy that you put out. You don't always recognize it. And sometimes it takes other people noticing it first for you to be like, oh, this is what I should be doing. So that's what happened with me. I just do what feels right and I lean towards wherever that energy takes me. So just start and learn as you go. That's the biggest thing.

Rich:                 That's the best advice I've ever heard.

Catelin:            What do you do? Do you have the voice? This is my problem. Do you have the voice in your head that's like, why bother or why? What do you do to overcome that? Because that's my thing where it's like nobody really cares what I have to say or this is not important. I'll be typing a tweet and then why would I do that?

Danell              No.

Catelin:            You don't have that?

Danell              There's certain things, but I posted something on Twitter, so I did an eat and greet on Saturday because people are always like hey, we'd like to meet you, blah blah blah. So that was our second eat and greet. And like three people showed up. And I'm thinking, okay, I don't understand. People always want me to do this type of stuff, but then when I do it, they don't show up. But I just reflect on it because I'm not going to stop because I failed. So I tweeted, I said something about character, you continuing no matter the result of what you did, that's what shows your character. So you have to know what you're doing it for. So for me, no matter what, I have a good time podcasting. Again, it's my diary. I like to do it. So whether 10 people listen to it or 100 people listen to it, I'm still going to do it. Or like we talked about before, I like the sound of my own voice. [inaudible 00:21:59].

Danell              So for me, all the experiences and all the fails that I've experienced, and that's what I talk about. And my previous employer, that's one thing that I did learn from them is everybody makes mistakes, but mistakes are opportunities for improvement. So I'm not afraid to make a mistake. So it's what you do after that mistake happens. If you go to a restaurant and they get your order wrong, if they just tell you to F off, when you bring it to their attention, you're like, oh, I'm probably not going to go back there. But sometimes people will say, oh I'm so sorry. Let me comp that for you and let me bring you what you actually did order. So you're like, oh you know what? They really care about the mistake that they made. I'm going to go back to that place.

Catelin:            I was in some of the research the producer Zach sent over. I was reading an article about you that it was like he won't rag on people but he will go back and give them another shot. And that's a cool move. That's a really cool move.

Danell              That's from Covid too because I do have a couple of reviews and a video review that I went in on a local place that people were telling me, you're from Omaha and you haven't eaten here? And I went to eat there and I was like, I pulled my buns apart on my burger and it looked like dog food. And I was like, if you told me to go and eat there, we're not friends anymore. It was that bad. And I was like, I don't think I'll ever go back there. But since Covid, what I say is I don't want to be the reason that someone doesn't go and try something.

Danell              I'll be honest, but I'm not going to try to just beat people down because they may have made a mistake. I don't want somebody to do that if I make a mistake. And it may not be the owner of the restaurant, it might be someone who is having a bad day and they just didn't perform that day. So I just don't want to be the reason in this economy and the way the world is right now, I don't want to be the reason for someone to not get business.

Catelin:            Your joy is just like, it's radiating through this screen.

Danell              You're too kind.

Catelin:            This is your ripple. I'm going to take that joy of creation and joy of doing it for the pleasure that I get or that comes to me from doing things that I love. That's such a great takeaway.

Rich:                 And I think it can be really hard in marketing for us to do that. Because we get so bogged down into our own heads of what other people think of it that you lose that joy. We're all in this because we loved marketing at some point or advertising or whatever. And you do get those moments where somebody just beats it out of you and getting it back in is hard. And I think that's just one of the things that I love about listening to your podcast is it's just interesting to hear somebody else's day. And you're never ripping on somebody or ragging on somebody or tearing them down. It's just your life and you're experience and you're just sharing it and telling us about it. And it's like, oh okay. I feel like I know him. That's really great.

Danell              I had a friend that I hadn't seen for a while that I ran into on Saturday at a birthday party and he goes, so your podcast is really big, right? And I'm like, no it's not, but that's okay. Dude, I'm going to do the podcast regardless.

Catelin:            You have big podcast energy. That's what I'm hearing. You have big podcast energy.

Danell              But it just feels good to do. And sometimes I will say this, it's not always a positive podcast. There are ones out there because again, it's my life. But that's when it becomes that diary aspect and it's like therapeutic. It's not bottling all that stuff in whatever I'm feeling at the time. That's an outlet for me to get that bad energy out. And that's what I did with Small Guy Promotions. When my dad died, I call it the light in the dark.

Danell              I was so angry when my dad passed because I felt like the hospital didn't take care of him the way that they should have. And I was like, I can't go around this long being this angry. I've got kids, I got to get out of this funk somehow. So Small Guy Promotions would've never come along, I don't think it would've ever come along if my dad didn't pass away. So that's my light in the dark and that's how I try to treat everything else. I say this, I never have bad days. I might have bad moments, but I don't have bad days.

Rich:                 That's a great way to look at it too. I might have to try that.

Catelin:            Tomorrow, be like Rich, we're not having a bad day. It's a bad moment.

Rich:                 But I think that's not bad to remind yourself of and remind other people of is like, okay, this moment sucks but think about the whole day. There's been really good moments.

Catelin:            So all the things that had to go right for you to be here too.

Rich:                 No matter what wrong in your day to day, Catelin, I'm sure there was something, you had blueberry lemon cake.

Catelin:            I did. It was delicious.

Danell              See, and it doesn't have to be a big win. The small wins, it's all momentum. I say you celebrate the small wins because it's momentum for when you're having those bad moments. All those small ones that have added up to momentum helps get you over that hump of those bad ones.

Rich:                 One of my small wins is Martini Mondays at Taxis. Just to throw that out there.

Danell              Hey, there you go.

Catelin:            Like right now?

Rich:                 I'm not going to go tonight no, I've got sushi actually. I ordered while we were on here, [inaudible 00:27:57]. Little huna infusion sushi wok because it's really close and it's really fast and the food is good and you can get almost anything nice. But no, it's like, so Taxis does these cheap martinis for on Monday nights and invariably we'll go for martini and just stay for dinner because they've got fun ones too. It's really interesting. And also lemon lava cake. Let me just put that in your head.

Danell              That sounds...

Rich:                 Lava cake.

Catelin:            What's the lava?

Rich:                 The lava is like a-

Catelin:            The floor is lava.

Rich:                 It's a white cream of some sort. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's a molten, it's white. So I don't know what the base is on that.

Danell              I had fried cheesecake yesterday.

Catelin:            Fried cheesecake?

Danell              Fried cheesecake and a fried banana.

Rich:                 You weren't at the fair were you?

Danell              No, it was at Ahi.

Rich:                 Oh my gosh.

Danell              It's like a tempura on the outside of the cheesecake.

Catelin:            All of her faces are like, I think you could tempura anything and I'd be like, yes.

Rich:                 I live really near there and I don't know as though we've ever gone to Ahi. I live ridiculously close. If you came straight across to the north I think, you would hit my house from Ahi. That's how close. Yeah, that's going on the list. Perfect.

Danell              It's good.

Catelin:            Before we wrap up or before we go, do you have anything, what's the most exciting thing coming up for Omaha Fattie? Can you give us a spoiler?

Danell              Man, the most exciting thing? Everything. No, I don't know.

Catelin:            Everything is exciting.

Danell              You know what man, I do enjoy being on the Fatterday podcast, man. That's really cool. And also, well I'm partnered with Tagged. Have you guys heard of Tagged before?

Catelin:            We have this, so I live in Sioux City so I am like tangentially related to Omaha just in the nature of being on I29. But yes, I'm familiar with this. It's super cool.

Danell              I again had history with those guys just because I liked what they were doing and I would share their content or if I tagged I would share on the Facebook that I tagged and they asked me to be their first influencer. So it's not a huge deal or anything like that.

Catelin:            It is a huge deal.

Danell              I mean monetarily it's not a huge deal. But overall, yes, it is a huge deal.

Catelin:            I understand now the context of deal.

Rich:                 Emotionally, yeah. I mean you just got to look at your currency, the emotional currency there and the influence currency is very high on the good [inaudible 00:30:47] world. Cash in the bank, not so much.

Danell              But when it's something that I was already happy to do for free anyway, I'm just like, yeah, it's cool. So I'm their first influencer and I'm going to try to, when I tag my receipts to give back, I give back to my daughter's school and my oldest daughter who wrestles, her booster club is on tag. So now I can start doing that. And actually we met a couple of weeks ago and they have Omaha Fattie Gives. So for people who may have used tag in the past for a kid that was doing something like my daughter's wrestling or they were in school or something, but their child has grown past that and they don't know who to give back to, they can actually give to Omaha Fattie Gives and then I can select a charitable organization for the funds to go to.

Rich:                 That's perfect, because we don't have kids so I could do that. And that's super easy.

Danell              Yeah. So I'm-

Rich:                 Producer Zack does not have kids either. He laughed [inaudible 00:31:49].

Danell              Yeah. I'm going to cut a little clip, a little promo for them soon for that at my daughter's school. And I talked to the principal and said, hey man, if you could use my star power. Because what happened was back to, sorry to run long on this but last week was back to school day and went and I talked to the principal for a while because I know him. And then when we left later that night, he texts me and he goes, hey, my admin assistant, my new admin assistant goes, was that the Omaha Fattie you were talking to? He said that she was starstruck. And so that's how I came up with the idea, like hey, I could promote Tag and rumsey if you want. Maybe we could do something big with that and get some extra dollars for you guys. And he was like, yeah, that sounds great.

Catelin:            That's so cool. You're [inaudible 00:32:40] the crowdfunding and just human capital. That's super cool just to... Yeah, I'm at a loss for words. That's a cool [inaudible 00:32:52].

Rich:                 Which doesn't happen very often. Catelin is not [inaudible 00:32:56].

Catelin:            These little heart eyes. That's real sweet.

Rich:                 One last thing before we go because we do need to wrap up. We did run a little bit long but Zach will work that out. This may become a two episoder, who knows? because we are super food motivated and obviously Omaha Fattie and Fatterday Omaha, you're food motivated. Best dish you've had, we'll just say in the last month in Omaha.

Danell              The last month. Oh man. We could go a little longer. Well man, I tell you what.

Catelin:            How about one from each category? Like an appetizer, a main, and a dessert. Does that make it easier?

Danell              Sure. Not really.

Catelin:            Does it make it worse?

Danell              I've had a couple of places that are really good. Let me tell you, people often ask about fried chicken. Who has the best fried chicken in Omaha? I will tell you it's probably a tough race and there's a couple of places that I haven't tried like Alpinein, but Shugg's Comfort Foods in Old Town Bellevue. Oh my gosh. That fried chicken is so good. It's so good. And it comes out piping. You bite into it. We took a video, I took a bite out of it.

Catelin:            My mouth is watering.

Danell              That place has some legit chicken. The dessert, we don't often do a lot of desserts.

Catelin:            Tempura cheesecake.

Danell              Yeah, there you go. [inaudible 00:34:26]

Rich:                 Am I going to need to swing through there and demand that they make some before I come up this week?

Danell              Yeah, or you could go the donuts from Square Donut. Those things are so light and fluffy. And I definitely give those a top notch. Those are one of the top donuts.

Rich:                 I think those are really good. Those are solid.

Catelin:            And I'm like, could you make a sandwich with the donut and the fried chicken together? Because that's immediately where I go. Where I'm like, you just mash it up.

Danell              I know Stella's does that. I think they do. They were doing it on Tuesdays.

Catelin:            I think I'm going to have to do a week in the Omaha office and I'm just going to have to stay and eat all of my meals to try all of these.

Danell              We're really food blessed around this area.

Rich:                 We are. We're really food blessed down here. It's so nice. Well, we'll welcome you anytime Catelin and we'll make sure that Danell's available for at least a lunch or a breakfast.

Catelin:            I know, it's like what is the expense report dollar amount that I am approved for?

Rich:                 We'll negotiate that off air. You already get your door dash credit.

Catelin:            It's part of my deal since deals are monetary now.

Rich:                 Got it.

Catelin:            What a joy this has been. Thank you so, so much.

Danell              Thank you guys again for having me. It's been like a blast.

Rich:                 Well good. And if you find yourself in the old market during the day, just pop in our office. We're right at 10th and Farnam there.

Danell              Man, I will do that. And I have a friend who runs Finger String who is right by the Visit Omaha office.

Rich:                 Oh yeah. Because we're right above there, we're on the second floor in that same building.

Danell              Oh dude, all right. It's the software company. Dave [inaudible 00:36:19].

Rich:                 Hespeck?

Danell              Yep, Hespeck.

Rich:                 So they share a kitchen with us actually. They're just down the hall.

Danell              Dude, I was [inaudible 00:36:25] earlier this year. He goes to our dojo.

Rich:                 Yeah, absolutely. Pop in. And then it'll be a day when Zach's working from home to watch his dog and he'll be super upset. But yeah, we'll go to lunch or something. That'd be great.

Danell              Cool man. Yeah, we'll do that.

Rich:                 All right, cool. I think that's it. I think that's an episode and producer Zach will figure out what to do with this.

Danell              Zach, thank you man.

Rich:                 It's a great, great time. That's it for another episode of Cocktails, Tangents, and Answers.

Catelin:            We hope it was as much fun to listen to as it was to make.

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Catelin:            And you can find me at home sipping a craft cocktail prepared by my in-home bartender. It's my husband.

Rich:                 We'll be back with another episode every other week and a whole new cocktail recipe, plenty more tangents, and of course answers to those pressing marketing questions.

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