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39 - Marketing Trivia Happy Hour

Marketing and Cocktail Trivia 

Come join us for an exciting session as Catelin and Rich, our talented hosts, take on marketing and cocktail trivia questions posed by our producer, Zac. Get ready for a thrilling experience filled with knowledge and fun!

Honeycrisp Bourbon Delight  

Zac stumbled upon a delightful blend of bourbon and sparkling apple cider from the orchard. Intrigued, he couldn't resist experimenting with a new recipe. Enjoy this great fall cocktail!

  • 4 oz sparkling organic apple cider
  • 5 oz smooth whiskey (bourbon or your preferred whiskey)
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • 0.5 oz honey
  • Honeycrisp apple slices garnish
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)


1.    Begin by selecting a stylish highball glass or rocks glass. If you like, you can also use a stemless wine glass. Fill it with ice cubes to chill while you prepare the cocktail.

2.    In a mixing glass, combine the 1.5 oz of smooth whiskey, 0.5 oz of honey and a dash of Angostura bitters. Stir the mixture until the honey is well incorporated into the whiskey.

3.    Carefully pour the 4 oz of sparkling organic apple cider into the mixing glass with the whiskey mixture. Gently stir to combine all the ingredients.

4.    Discard the ice from your chilled glass. Pour the cocktail into the glass.

5.    Garnish your cocktail with thin slices of Honeycrisp apple. If desired, add a cinnamon stick as a stirring element and for a touch of extra flavor.

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Episode Transcript

Catelin: It's been a day y'all.

Rich: We can enhance that in post.

Catelin: Let's do it, fix it in post. I actually have a glass of it the next person that tells me that they're going to fix it in post is going to get a swift punch to the Adam's apple. 

Rich: Fair enough, it won't be me. I have a little bit of wine too, because it has been a day and Zac decided we're going to do this one at the end of the day. That's great, great Zac

Catelin: Thanks, love it. Bring it on Zachary Hazen.

Rich: We've also been told, and I quote no preparation is required, just bring your A game, because this is marketing. Trivia, happy hour.

Catelin: That's great. I have made no preparation.

Rich: Since we didn't prepare, Zac created the cocktail Somehow he obtained a good bottle of bourbon. Did your wife buy you that for you, or do we pay you enough for good bourbon? 

Zac: By good bourbon I mean like $.

Rich: Okay, okay.

Zac: Not really good. No, it's actually really good for what it is. I guess I should say.

Rich: No, you said you liked it and that it's super smooth and if you like it, you're good.

Catelin: If you like it, you should drink it.

Zac: It's broken barrel.

Catelin: Okay.

Zac: Have you ever heard of that? Kaylin, I haven't.

Rich: I've been told it's your recipe and you told us not to prepare. Zac why don't you tell us about the drink?

Zac: All right. So recently, yeah, I picked up a nice bottle of bourbon, but I also went to an apple orchard in the mountains

Rich: Here we go.

Catelin: Oh my God, look at you yeah.

Rich: It's a gateway drug to Appalachia Honeycrisp apples.

Zac: Yeah, and we grabbed a can of sparkling apple cider and I tried it with my new bourbon. I tried those two things just like straight together, but I decided to enhance it a little bit for this episode.

Catelin: Garnish with a little apple slice you bougie little bitch.

Zac: A couple of honey crisp apples 

Rich: That's a good comment. Apple and whiskey is a good combo.

Catelin: Yeah, not the like. That's very fall.

Rich: Not like the apple crown royale, though like having that fresh apple or apple cider in it, I think is good. All right, so you also did it up. I was going to say another word and I didn't, but you did it up with a couple of other things.

Zac: Yep, a dash of bitters, half ounce of honey, which is really just like.

Rich: The drizzle.

Catelin: Yeah, drizzle Just to give us some moisture in this.

Zac: And also a cinnamon stick. That's kind of just like a bougie thing, honestly, because it's fall? 

Rich: This is very fall. I like this.

Catelin: What is the male equivalent of a basic bitch?

Rich: Because like this is no, it's like the 

Catelin: It's like Chad's fall beverage. I'm not mad about it. There's a reason that stuff is basic. It's like yes, I like knee-high boots.

Rich: I like a fuzzy scarf.

Catelin: It's as simple as the way. Yeah, so, but basically, chad, it's great, I love it Sorry.

Zac: Basically, you're going to want to fill a highball glass or basically anything, honestly, your glass of choice I said highball rocks or stemless wine glass for those that like stemless wine glasses but fill it with ice cubes so you can chill the glass In a separate glass. You want to combine the bourbon honey and a dash of bitters, stir that well until the honey is incorporated into it. Then you're going to pour the sparkling cider I said four ounces, but honestly it's to taste and then continue stirring that, because I guess I'm pretentious.

Catelin: Don't stir your bubbles, just a little bit Don't stir your bubbles.

Rich: So I get to make slightly stir your bubbles. No, you just top with it. Yeah. 

Catelin: Don't stir your bubbles.

Zac: Then you're going to discard the ice from your chilled glass and pour the cocktail into the glass, and then, finally, you're going to want to slice a honeycrisp apple pretty thinly, I'd imagine, like two or three slices, and then add that cinnamon stick for even more stirring, if you'd like.

Rich: So the world is running out of water, we're running out of fresh water and you're discarding ice. Perfectly good, ice coated in alcohol, Zac.

Zac: Yeah, you can leave the ice in.

Catelin: You can do whatever you want. Don't take the ice out If I'm going to stir, the ice is going to stay in.

Rich: If I'm going to shake the ice, well, honestly, unless I'm you could just like dirty pour it.


Catelin: And then top with your soda.


Rich: Yeah, unless it's a coupe glass or something where I don't want the ice at all. But yeah, this sounds pretty refreshing if you're a whiskey or bourbon person or You're a Chad. Yeah, this probably is not a Scotch thing, though that's probably going to be a little bold for this. I mean, they're all kind of the same depending on where they're made, but they're not the same. I know I hear it from my in-home bourbon Scotch whiskey drinker as well. They're times for all of them.


Catelin: Uh, if I may, I might have told this story already, but Tyrell got something I don't promote it or a bonus or something, and he bought a really lovely bottle of scotch and usually I'm like scotch is gross. But I sniffed this one and I was like actually that doesn't smell like Band-Aids and Sadness. So I drank it and I was like I like this. Well, it was like. You know, I only drink $ scotch and it's the moral of the story.


Rich: We had a neighbor.


Catelin: So, like all scotch is bad unless it's Proclotic.


Rich: We had a neighbor in San Diego and a retired couple and Brian used to drink with this woman's husband and Brian when he did his birthday we did all of these whiskies and scotches so he did a tasting and he lined him up from kind of like mildest to like tedious, knock you on your ass and nastiest.


He, the neighbor man, couldn't come, he was doing something else. But his wife came over and she's like, oh, you know he loves these so much, I'll taste some. And she tasted a few and she was like uh-huh. And Brian was like try this one. And so she had it and she's like, oh, that's really nice. She's like, yeah, go home and tell your husband, that's the one you liked. It's like $ a bottle. We got it from a friend who was a distributor.


Zac: Oh my gosh.


Rich: That was a friend who was a distributor and he had a secret shop and he's like I can only secret shop so much and drink it like so he would just give us stuff for watching his cats. It was fantastic. All right, that's funny. Is it time for a break? And then we come back and answer Zac's silly questions that he's pulled together.


Zac: Some marketing and cocktail trivia questions.


Catelin: Cocktail, trivia Cocktail trivia Sign me the fuck up.


Rich: I don't know which one will be better at Okay break time. Okay, we're back. Zac:h has questions.


Catelin: We're back. Suck it to me. I don't know anything about anything.


Zac: So the last time we did something trivia related, it was kind of easy. So this time I kind of like upped the ante a little bit on the difficulty and I'm just kind of curious to see how many of you guys get right.


Catelin: Are we playing you like Rich and I against you again, or is this like? Are we scorekeeping?


Zac: I need parameters as we're established, it's best if you guys work as a team.


Catelin: That way, like you, can work together on it Because I'm too stupid to know anything. Today.


Rich: My brain has literally switched. He said cocktail trivia. I feel like you can pull those out.


Catelin: After I was like don't shake it, that yells at you, all right.


Zac: There's no multiple choice, by the way, but I will give hints if it's like really.


Catelin: I like a fill in the blank, because sometimes I need more than the binary options. You know, it's like I need a spectrum of answer.


Zac: Well, great, this would be a great episode. I'm ready. Number one All right. So I started off easy. One easy question which advertising method is when an advertiser pays, based on how often a user visits a URL in an ad on a company's webpage or a social media page?


Rich: How often they visited. It's an impression.


Zac: But which advertising method is, when an advertiser pays based on how often a user visits a UIL?


Rich: Oh, cost per thousand. Like a cost per click, cost per thousand.


Zac: Yeah, pretty much A visit to the.


Rich: URL. I mean it could be.


Zac: Yeah. Because you said views to start it, which is a cost per thousand, but visiting is a cost per click. Yep, it's yeah a cost per click.


Rich: Okay, so it's yeah, one zero.


Zac: I have a fun fact at this one. The top three paid ad spots get % of the clicks on a page.


Rich: Correct. I think that was in our class that we did.


Zac: That's where I got it from.


Catelin: Look at we're so smart.


Rich: He's remembering, I feel so special. All right, what's number two? And hopefully there'll be no, there'll be fewer dogs. I'm sure there are dogs throughout this episode. I know you'll try to cut them out, but they're very, very barky today Me too.


Catelin: Me and the dogs have that in common.


Rich: You can come run with them. They just like to scream at everything on the street.


Catelin: If you need me, I'll be in Rich:'s front yard with his with his geriatric dog yelling at cars that drive by. That is the visual. Now he's like picturing me in a bathrobe with like a plunger. We've got a little white rocking chair out there and then, like Ramsey next to me, just like that's me, we're just shaking stuff and passing cars Perfect, oh my God.


Rich: I feel like we need another question, Zac. This is going off the rails already.


Zac: All right, we're going to do a cocktail question. What German digestive contains herbs, spices, fruits and roots? It's a Jagermeister and it's trash. It is in fact a Jagermeister.


Catelin: Yeah.


Rich: It's garbage, move on. That was where I was going with that too.


Zac: Fun fact it was actually invented in a vinegar factory.


Catelin: Because it's garbage. Jagermeister is trash. It's for trash people who want to do shots with energy drinks. I hate them. It's definitely a college thing. It is disgusting.


Rich: It's like a. No, there's like a.


Zac: There's a.


Catelin: There is a, there's a contingent of cocktails, cocktails, weirdos. They're like no, the egg is a, it's a, it's a, oh fuck, it's a tomorrow, it's a delicious tomorrow, and I'm like no, it's not.


Rich: It's gross. And it has no place in a reasonable bar Anyway. It tastes like black laceration and sadness.


Catelin: Go to the next question, please. Two zero.


Zac: The first Instagram photo ever posted featured what animal.


Rich: The first Instagram post ever posted featured what animal I feel, like it was a cat or a fox.


Zac: It's not your final guess, it just picked.


Rich: I mean, there's no animal associated with Instagram. No, but it was pre-Facebook, because pay Facebook didn't own it. Then, of course, it was just Instagram, and I don't even know who. Do they teach a class on that? No, mosh, I think. I think.


Catelin: I feel like it's a cat, I would say cat, that is incorrect.


Zac: It is actually a dog. The first Instagram post was a photo of South Beach Harbor at Pier , posted by founder Mike Krieger at PM on July , . Kevin's sister shared his first post also, and that post was a picture of a dog and his girlfriend's foot.


Catelin: And how far we've come.


Rich: Okay well.


Catelin: It's all still dogs.


Rich: It was a golden. It looks like I googled it.


Catelin: Oh, puppy, does the dog have a name? Do we have a dog's name? Is that dog interested in barking at passing cars with me?


Rich: Dog is probably dead.


Catelin: That's harsh.


Rich: Well, they don't. I mean. When was the first Instagram post? It would have been .


Catelin: Oh wait, didn't she say ? Did I make that up?


Rich: Four years ago today. July , ,. Instagram CEO and co-founder, mike Krieger, posted the first post. I mean the dog could be alive. Although it doesn't look like a young dog in the picture, it's years ago.


Catelin: All right. Next question it's a golden retriever Two-one.


Zac: Makes gin, chartreuse, lime and Marchino liquor into what kind of cocktail from the prohibition era?


Rich: Gin, chartreuse and Marchino liquor. Oh, I feel like I've done this one. I feel like this is one that I brought to the podcast and maybe we've even talked about. I'm fairly in that I put a picture of it up in our chat at one point.


Zac: We have all this I'm not correct that this has been a cocktail on the show.


Catelin: I hate chartreuse too. Why are you bringing up all these horrible flavors, Zac?


Zac: I love chartreuse.


Catelin: Gin chartreuse, marchino liquor, oh garnish with cherries.


Rich: Garnish with Lixardo cherries.


Zac: I'll give you a hint. One might win an argument by having this Last word.


Catelin: Yeah, I think that's on our attic bar menu actually.


Rich: I think it is too, because it was really good. The chartreuse isn't super forward, it just colors it a little bit, but I know you don't avoid it anyway, all right, gross, yeah, the last.


Catelin: That's a great hint. That's a great hint it is. I was like a leg up. I was pretty proud of that one. That's not right.


Rich: That's a whole different thing. The leg up.


Catelin: Tied it to here. Well, no, I don't know. Do we count that?


Rich: I think that we get maybe a half, maybe it's one and a half, two and a half to one?


Catelin: Yeah, something like that. Yeah, I'll give the half point.


Zac: Two and a half to one and a half.


Catelin: All right, all right.


Zac: All right, so what is technically the second most popular search engine in the world?


Catelin: Technically.


Rich: Oh.


Catelin: Oh it like it's a TikTok.


Rich: No, I think it's you.


Catelin: As I say, it's like a social platform. It's either TikTok or Pinterest.


Rich: I would bet I think it's YouTube.


Zac: Rich is correct at YouTube. Yeah, good.


Catelin: But YouTube is owned by Google. Is that the technicality?


Rich: It's a separate property and it's not really a search engine. But people would think it's like the China one or whatever, but it's not it's. Youtube is huge because they use to search their video. They won't go to.


Zac: Google, they go to YouTube to search. Yeah, if you're going by traditional search engines, bing is number two.


Catelin: I was going to say I was like Bing, but the technical by % drop in popularity.

Rich: The gap there is ridiculous. It's pretty precipitous. But there is the current scandal that Google pays I think it was like $ to $ billion to be the default search engine on Apple devices, and so Microsoft is suing them in Europe, I think, for antitrust.


Catelin: Why.


Rich: I mean, it's like Microsoft just paid $ billion, Like come on.


Catelin: Yeah.


Rich: Apple needs cash. They don't need cash, they have plenty of cash.


Catelin: Here's the thing, though, is like if the free market isn't working for you, don't participate in the free market. It's either all capitalism or no capitalism. Microsoft, make up your mind, they eat the Rich Next. Did we win that one Am I, because I'm team Rich


Zac: Yeah, since Rich said the right answer, definitely going to give it.


Catelin: Here we are, me, just like. I hope your back doesn't hurt after we're done with this for me. You carrying our team.


Rich: I'll be fine, all right.


Zac: Another marketing related one In what year was Facebook founded?


Rich: Was it that that was when it was founded at Harvard? It went public after that.


Zac: Yep.


Rich: I mean, that's in my class too Great job is LinkedIn. was degrees, which was the first modern social media network.


Zac: After MySpace ., All right for an additional point does anybody know what Mike Zuckerberg's first idea for a site was called?


Rich: Yes, it was called. Oh gosh, facemash. I want to say, or something like that yeah, it's FaceMash.


Catelin: I'm impressed. Facemash or FaceMash, facemash, like hit okay.


Rich: Yes, like he wants to mash and smash all those faces. It's a horribly misogynistic history of why they did the Facebook. Cocking I know, Did not know that oh yeah, it's college boys, always the men. College boys wanting to make an online directory of women on their campus. You just go with that All right.

Catelin: A cocktail or rum. Five and a half. Five and a half.


Zac: Juice, lime juice, simple syrup and mash on a liqueur Is a daiquiri named after who.


Rich: You're really into this machine of liqueur.


Catelin: Is it Trader Vic?


Zac: Is it the final answer?


Catelin: I think so. This is like the father of modern Tiki.


Zac: Oh fuck Tyrell's saying it again no.


Catelin: You said rum, grapefruit, lime, simple maraschino liqueur.


Zac: Yep, it's a daiquiri named for who.


Rich: A daiquiri named for who.


Catelin: Homest. Can I have a hint?


Zac: I could give you a hint, but then it might make it a little more obvious.


Rich: I would say hemming.


Catelin: That's a point of a hint.


Rich: I mean hemming way comes to mind, but I don't think that's right.


Zac: No, you're right.


Rich: Is it hemming way Really? Yeah, holy shit Wow.


Catelin: What's it called?


Rich: Hemming way daiquiri.


Catelin: Yeah, but like okay, carry on. Who made it?


Zac: That's true. You could be right about it.


Rich: It could be a Trader Vic cocktail, but it's not named after him. That's entirely possible.


Catelin: Yeah, hemming way daiquiri.


Zac: What was the first ever registered domain? It was in .


Rich: Well, it wasn't my name. I didn't register anything till the s.


Zac: I'll actually be kind of surprised.


Rich: I love theиght Absolutely Interesting. I mean so was that still ARPAnet back then, , okay, so this is way ahead of those. How old was I? I was . I don't think AOL existed for a couple years yet. Maybe it did, I don't know. I would just say like AOLcom it wasn't, but I I have zero idea.


Zac: It's On March th , that was the first domain ever registered. If you go to the domain today, the owners have turned into an online museum of the internet, focusing on the innovation, technology and science that got us where we are today.


Rich: No, they should just have. The right thing to do with that is, have it be the original website they put up in on it and that's all. It should be Nothing more, nothing less.


Zac: Be like a time capsule, yes.


Catelin: I, just because I am a glutton for punishment, I sent the recipe of the Hemingway daiquiri to Tyrell and within seconds he said Hemingway Dak. So I will be anxiously and sadly awaiting my divorce papers at any time.


Rich: I feel like.


Catelin: Like I'm so disappointed in you.


Rich: I feel like if there's going to be cocktail trivia, we should be allowed to invite him.


Catelin: Honestly, that's what we should do.


Zac: I have to pull together another list.


Catelin: CTA podcast after dark featuring the in-home bar tenders.


Rich: So we technically got that one right, Like I got that one right.


Catelin: Yeah, you got it right I mean, I have failed.


Rich: You're fine.


Catelin: It's a personal failure, it's okay, okay.

Rich: Next question Moscow.


Zac: Mule consists of vodka, ginger, ginger beer and lime, served chilled in a copper mug. What liquor could be sucked in to make a Kentucky Mule, bourbon Bourbon? Yep, pretty easy Okay.


Rich: I'm not a failure, or Tequila would make it a. Would it a Tijuana Mule or something?


Zac: Then it's like a what do you know? They name it something All right this one's, you might know this one In .


Catelin: Maybe you call it like a burro, wouldn't you Maybe. Like a mute, like a yeah, okay, carry on . A Kentucky burro the year I graduated college In ,.


Zac: Google released this algorithm update to make sure its search engines are up to date with current events.


Rich: Oh, it's a P name, because they're all P names.


Zac: It's not a P name.


Rich: I'll say that, oh, what was then?


Catelin: was the year I graduated college. Yeah, the year under the name Also the year that I moved to Honduras.

Rich: I don't remember the one.

Catelin: Do we have a Zac hint, were they even moving back then. The word that I'm looking for has has something. I don't want to give this away.

Catelin: It doesn't Stop keeping score because I lost track, I lost count.

Zac: It has something to do with like coffee.

Rich: American Caffeine.

Zac: Decaf. 

Rich: Yep, it's caffeine, it's a caffeine Decaf would be a good one because, like, like simmering down those scammers, we're just going to bring them on down with the little decaf, yeah, decaf. Or kneecap. Call it the Nancy Kerrigan. That meme's going around again.

Catelin: Too dark, too dark.

Rich: Have you not seen the Brittany Mahomes Taylor Swift like meme that's going around with? Oh yeah, it's the um. What's her name? And Nancy Kerrigan.

Catelin: On your heart, yeah like.

 Rich: Brittany Mahomes is coming for Taylor Swift because she's taken all of her attention at the chief's games and I'm like I don't think. Brittany Mahomes seems like a nice person from what I've seen, and Patrick is lovely in those ads that he does.

Catelin: Cause. That's all true.

Rich: I don't know, I don't know them.

Catelin: They seem nice. I think I don't need to speculate about the lives of public figures. What's our next question, Zac?

Zac: Alright, this is actually the last question I'll be asking.

 Rich: Oh wow, we're just, we got through this one pretty quickly.

 Zac: Yeah, alright. Who said this? Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.

 Catelin: Me.

 Zac: I know one of you knows who this is.

Rich: My go-tosers are always Brene Brown and Simon Sinek.

Catelin: I know it's like, is it Simon Sinek? But that's not 

Rich: Or I mean Malcolm Gladwell is all about stories.

Catelin: Who's the story? Brand guy.

Zac: What's your like? Best answer, best guess I don't know Brian Halligan.

Rich: Oh good, lord Chief, what is his like?

Catelin: yeah, I don't remember his title Executive chairman of HubSpot.

 Rich: I don't know, that's like a really random one.

Catelin: It's so nebulous, yeah like.

Zac: It's Seth Godin, oh yeah, of course 

Rich: Okay, fine, sure, why not Like he's? They're all the same, they're the same people. Alright, I think we technically lost, except we didn't really lose, because I think next time we should be able to pick questions for Zac:h. Oh man, and we go back and forth. You can bring somebody with you if you want shots. It's Jamie, we know that.

Zac: Oh my gosh, I don't know who else you bring. We should definitely do that.

Catelin: We're not doing shots. No one will be doing that.

Rich: No, we already talked about a shots episode. It is not happening because it would not be. It would probably be entertaining, but it would not be pretty. 

Zac: It probably starts out pretty well, but I don't know if it would end well.

Catelin: I can't do shots. I'm someone's mother.

Rich: That's not how that works, like I've seen plenty of people's mothers doing shots and you shouldn't have. Well, I think you just I think someone's mother's mother needs to watch the kid and then someone's mother can do shots.

Catelin: The problem with that theory is that someone's mother's mother would need to watch the child for three business days, there's the recovery. That is how long it would take for me to be a functioning human again.

Rich: As I celebrate getting older, I am appreciating my sober friends and going out with them, because you come home and you feel so much better the next day.

Catelin: You don't hate yourself yeah.

Rich: Okay, that was creepy. I said birthday and Google popped up balloons on my profile, on my browser. Wait, what's the balloon? Is that the balloon one?

Catelin: It's two. Yeah, peace. We're now just sending balloons to each other. I gotta figure out how to turn that off. That's the end of this episode.

Rich: And that's a wrap for another episode of Cocktails, tangents and Answers.

Catelin: We hope you had as much fun as we did. 

Rich: So if you'd like to connect and have more fun, you can find me on social media at Rich: Mackey it's just my name, super simple and easy. And you can find our agency at antidote, underscore seven, one that's A-N-T-I-D-O-T-E, underscore the number seven, the number one, across all social platforms as well 

Catelin: As for me, catch me at home sipping a craft cocktail expertly prepared by my in-home bartender, who happens to be my husband.

Rich: Stay tuned because we'll be back with another episode every other week featuring a brand new cocktail recipe, more Tangents and, of course, we'll do our best to answer all your burning marketing questions.

Catelin: And if you have a question you'd like to send our way head to ctapodcastlive to shoot us an email. 

Rich: Or, even better, leave us a voice message Remember those, caitlin, on our hotline at --. Your question might make it into a future episode.

Catelin: For now. Make sure to like subscribe and join us again next time for more fun and insightful discussio