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05 Bougie Shirley Temple

Summer Inter(n)view

We've got interns! In this episode, we check in with them ahead of their summer internship—which is sort of an unusual one for an ad agency. Want to know more? Listen in.


Bougie Shirley Temple


  • 1 cup lemon-lime soda
  • 1.5 tsp grenadine (or pomegranate juice)
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 2 or 3 or 4 Luxardo Cherries

We're amping up this virgin cocktail in honor of our interns (because neither of them is 21). You'll notice we're particular about our cherries.

  1. Put some ice in a glass
  2. Add the lemon-lime soda and grenadine
  3. Squeeze a dash of lime juice over the top
  4. Add cherries


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Episode Transcript

Rich (00:07):

Catelin! Welcome back to another episode.

Catelin (00:09):

Hi, it's so great to be here.

Rich (00:10):

It is. So back with Cocktails, Tangents and Answers though, this is our "intern vie"w episode, right?

Catelin (00:17):

Yes. I will never lose out on an opportunity for a pun. So interview interns intern-view before, we're calling it. It's a two-parter. So come back in a month or so when we're done with our interns and we'll see what they learned.

Rich (00:37):

Yeah. So they just started and they're doing an interesting project, which is-

Catelin (00:43):

We talk about that in a minute.

Rich (00:44):

Okay. So I'm going to just hold off on that and let that come in the episode, but it's a very different internship.

Catelin (00:49):


Rich (00:50):

We are trying an experiment this year.

Catelin (00:52):


Rich (00:53):

But also because our interns are both, I think they're both sophomores in college.

Catelin (00:57):

They're just little babies. They're sweet little babies.

Rich (01:00):

They're both under 21. So we're doing a virgin cocktail today but we're going to zing it up a little bit.

Catelin (01:06):

Of course we are. Today's recipe is for traditional Shirley Temple with a little pizzazz. I just learned this, I didn't know this a traditional Shirley temple is made with ginger ale, grenadine and a maraschino cherry, but modern times, I think the advent of the bar, like the cocktail gun, with the seltzer gun, most oftentimes you'll find them with a lemon lime soda instead of ginger ale.

Rich (01:39):

So a 7-Up or a Sprite or one of the there's a generic older time one. I can't remember the name of.

Catelin (01:39):


Rich (01:48):

Oh God, Shasta. Bringing back memories. I don't if you can do it tangent on Shasta. Because that takes me to Fanta and then I get to the, "Do you, do you want a Fanta?" Commercials.

Catelin (01:58):

I think I saw like the re imagination of the "Do you want a Fanta?"

Rich (01:58):

They brought it back.

Catelin (02:04):

It came back like at a super bowl or something.

Rich (02:06):

Huge in research.

Catelin (02:07):

15 years ago. Yeah. It was very colorful. That's what I remember.

Rich (02:11):

All right. So walk through a Shirley Temple. So you said traditionally ginger, maraschino cherries, and-

Catelin (02:18):

A splash of grenadine.

Rich (02:19):

A splash of grenadine. So how are we making this bougie?

Catelin (02:22):

Well, I am a cherry snob and will only accept Luxardo cherries. And so we have-

Rich (02:29):

Amen to that.

Catelin (02:30):

Yes. We have lemon lime soda. We have some of that Luxardo cherry syrup goodness. And a couple of maraschino cherries and it is quite tasty.

Rich (02:45):

And then do you put the grenadine in it or does the syrup qualify or is there?

Catelin (02:47):

I'm counting the syrup. I think it's similar. The only difference, I guess, grenadine is technically made from pomegranate juice, which I just learned.

Rich (02:57):

So you could do a splash of pom in there if you wanted to. Give it a little purple.

Catelin (03:00):

Yeah. If you wanted. My in-home bartender husband bought pomegranate juice on our last trip through the grocery store, because he can't find the type of grenadine that he wants because he is kind of a snob and I found that entertaining.

Rich (03:18):

Okay. So you're a cherry snob. He's a grenadine snob.

Catelin (03:20):

We're a match made in heaven.

Rich (03:22):

Also, you're very particular as we know about your gins and your rums and-

Catelin (03:27):

The rum is his doing.

Rich (03:30):

Oh, that's his fault?

Catelin (03:31):

That's his fault. Yeah, he did that to himself. So he would spend nine years. He knows what he signed up for.

Rich (03:39):

Okay. That's good. I think we talked about that in a previous episode, the whole being together, I think it was maybe last week or the week before. All right. So that is our recipe. We'll have that in the notes for the podcast, of course. And it'll be on the podcast landing page. And I do like that we can do a non-alcoholic cocktail sometimes.

Catelin (04:00):

Right? Well, this is an all ages episode. I don't think there are any swears yet.

Rich (04:03):

I don't think so. And so, if you were to make that with alcohol, you just throw like a clear liquor and you would probably use gin, I'm assuming?

Catelin (04:10):

I would use gin. Yeah.

Rich (04:11):

You could use a vodka. You could probably use a rum, cherry, pomegranate juice and rum. That might be good. Kind of like a cherry Limeade. I don't know.

Catelin (04:20):


Rich (04:21):

Interesting. Except there's no lime.

Catelin (04:22):

I mean it's basically like a soda with a twist.

Rich (04:28):

A cherry soda.

Catelin (04:29):

Yeah. And then, I don't know.

Rich (04:32):

Interesting, we just went down a tangent with our cocktail, which might be a first time for the podcast. Ramped off of other cocktails as well. All right. So I know you talked to the interns, you talked to each of them separately. So we have two of them. One is focused on design, more so than anything else.

Catelin (04:50):

Emma, our design intern and Zach not to be confused. So Zach is Z-A-C-H not to be confused with our actual full-time employee, Zac, Z-A-C. He is focused on the technical side of things. So SEO and-

Rich (04:50):

Google ads.

Catelin (05:08):

Ads, and yes.

Rich (05:09):

Things like that.

Catelin (05:12):

And I am excited because I get to see them nearly every day. And they're truly delightful, yeah.

Rich (05:20):

All right. So I guess we take a break now. And then when we come back, we will talk to the interns in our intern view and learn about what exactly they're doing this semester.

Catelin (05:37):

Back to Cocktails, Tangents and Answers a marketing podcast. I am Catelin Drey. One of your hosts here with intern Zach, he's one of our Summer 2022 interns. And we're going to do something a little bit different than usual, kind of a before and after scheme planned here. So it's the first, second week is this your second week? Yeah. Second week of internship. And we're going to kind of see where you are, what you're hoping to get out of it. And then hopefully if this isn't too painful, you'll come back and chat with me at the end and we can talk about kind of what you learned and all that. So to start, just tell me a little bit about yourself, Zach. Where are you from? What are you studying? What made you apply?

Zach (06:23):

So like she said, I'm Zach and I'm originally from Omaha and I'm going to be a junior at Morningside University here in Sioux City. And I'm currently studying marketing and I have a minor in psychology as well that I'm looking to get at. And the reason I applied for this is the marketing standpoint, the marketing company, and me studying marketing. I want to get real life experience more than just learning in the classroom.

Catelin (06:46):

Yeah. We talked a little bit about this kind of off microphone. I can't really say off camera, but the psychology piece of it is really interesting to me too, because that will be really helpful in kind of understanding how people's brains work and applying that to kind of the advertising side. What made you choose marketing as a major?

Zach (07:10):

I don't really know.

Catelin (07:12):

"They told me I had to pick something. So I did." There are many people that apply that rationale to their entire college experience.

Zach (07:22):

It just kind of appealed to me just the marketing side of everything. It can fit in so many different categories all at once. That's really what got me into it.

Catelin (07:33):

Yeah. I'm sure you have heard this from your professors already, but a lot of things kind of in the real world have shifted away from knowing technical skills and being more soft skills, like interacting with people and being able to learn things on the fly. So that broad kind of liberal arts type thing. I'm a Morningside College graduate. So I was there in the before times. So my degree is liberal arts. So kind of that same application, I guess, where you can pick something that's broad, but then narrowly apply it to a variety of different things. To that end, I know you're an athlete so I'm curious in your life, and then also as it relates to this internship, what are you good at? And what do you like doing?

Zach (08:30):

I think I'm just good at connecting with people. I guess that's one of my strengths is I've always got on campus and made friends easy, whether it's just basketball guys or anybody else. I think just connecting with people the most helps me a lot with a lot of different things and yeah.

Catelin (08:47):

Yeah. What do you like doing within that realm or elsewhere?

Zach (08:53):

I just like talking to people in general. I mean, it's always fun to learn somebody and what they do and like what they're good at. And just trying to learn people is way better than just sitting back and just.

Catelin (09:04):

It's what I'm trying to do right now. How's that for blowing your mind? Right. You're doing great. This is my favorite question on probably, anything food related is my favorite, but what is your favorite place to eat in Sioux City? You've been here for three years?

Zach (09:26):

Two and a half.

Catelin (09:27):

Okay. Two and a half. Have you established a favorite restaurant?

Zach (09:30):

I like Four Brothers a lot.

Catelin (09:32):

Oh, that's a dark horse choice. Yeah. Their sweet potato fries are really good. Aren't they? Yeah. Do you get the same thing every time?

Zach (09:40):

No, I always try and get something different every time I go there.

Catelin (09:44):

Okay. Have you had a favorite? What stands out?

Zach (09:47):

Their pasta is kind of good. Okay. We have their pasta a lot when we have dinners there before games.

Catelin (09:52):

Oh yeah.

Zach (09:53):

So we go there a lot.

Catelin (09:57):

My brother is an athletic trainer at a different mid-major school and he talks about the team meals. He doesn't buy groceries for like three months out of the year because he's just eating what the team eats. They just line him up in the buffet. I'm kind of jealous of the carbohydrate consumption, but it's great. What part of this internship are you looking forward to the most? Have you decided yet?

Zach (10:25):

I think just running a website with somebody different, with a different creative mindset as me. I think that kind of what dragged me into this as well. Just running something like a website like this that's something I've never done before. Just learning a bunch of different stuff about how a website works and Google ads and all that. Seeing how the internet works.

Catelin (10:48):

I know it's an important life skill at this point. It makes you a better employee and also kind of a better consumer, but so to kind of back up and let's provide a little context. This is a different kind of internship from what I have seen in this industry or others. So you and Emma are really just responsible for running an entire web store, the marketing, the content, the product that, I mean, I'm not super involved with the technical side of your internship, so am I on the right track? What have I missed?

Zach (11:29):

I think you got everything. I think-

Catelin (11:30):

We're oh, great. I'm nailing it.

Zach (11:31):

We-re basically just doing everything for it.

Catelin (11:32):

Okay. And you are responsible for?

Zach (11:36):

The digital side.

Catelin (11:37):

Okay. So the more technical stuff, less visual, more keywords.

Zach (11:42):


Catelin (11:43):

Okay. Okay. Have you learned any fun tricks yet? Or you still absorbing?

Zach (11:46):

Still researching a lot.

Catelin (11:47):

Yeah. It's early. Okay.

Zach (11:48):

Very early.

Catelin (11:53):

Have you had other jobs? I don't want to say professional jobs, but have you worked other officey settings or mostly like?

Zach (12:05):

Not really. Okay. I just had like regular high school jobs.

Catelin (12:06):

Regular high school. I know. I was like, I don't know how to say that without sounding demeaning, but "regular high school jobs" is the right way to say it, I think. That's great. So this is an interesting question then. Do you notice anything interesting about being at Antidote 71? Is it similar? Is it different to other places that you've worked or places you've seen maybe your friends work?

Zach (12:31):

I think at every single place has its differences and this place you see that you can ask anybody a question and they might be able to help, which I thought was really cool. Just everyone knows each other and everyone can answer questions if you need help. And I just thought that was really cool. And you don't see that in a lot of places because everybody does their own stuff more to say, but here you can ask anybody.

Catelin (12:57):

Yeah. We are a small team. And so our bench is not really that deep. So like sports, we can talk about sports, but to that end, we all kind of know a little bit about what each other does just by nature of being like, "Hey, can you fix this thing?" And then it's like, "Also, can you teach me how to fix that thing next time, so I don't have to bother you?" And it just helps us all kind of broaden our skillset. That's a really interesting observation. Yeah. Thank you for noticing that about us.

            Have you decided at all what your post college life looks like? Do you have? No it's too soon. It's too soon.

Zach (13:41):

Not yet.

Catelin (13:41):

I don't want to put any pressure on you at all. That was purely out of curiosity.

Zach (13:47):

I kind of want to get into coaching. That's something I do and interesting in the summer I coach a team.

Catelin (13:53):

We talked briefly about this. You coach little people.

Zach (13:53):

I would, middle school.

Catelin (14:02):

Are they? I feel like middle school is still small and then high school is medium and then college and up is large people. So I would still consider middle school, a small it's like a Taco Bell small. You know what I mean? What is that like? I imagine there are some lessons you've been able to apply from there too.

Zach (14:26):

Yeah. I think having a minor in psychology, it helps from a coaching standpoint too. Just figuring out what little kids like and you have to find the happy medium of being their friend and being a pain in the butt too them.

Catelin (14:38):

Being an authority figure. It's such a fine line. I have, she's almost two and it's a little bit different, but kind of that same thing where you're like, I want to hang out and do fun things with you, but I also have to teach you not to be a jerk. So it's finding the right balance between those two. Yeah. Have you thought about how this internship might fit into post college life?

Zach (15:06):

I mean, just getting real life experience here and doing it in the field where I'm getting my major in is always a bonus to do while you're in college.

Catelin (15:15):

Have you thought about how marketing and coaching fit together? That's intriguing to me.

Zach (15:20):

I would say it more happens in the college. Your marketing your university out there to high schoolers that try and get them to come to your college. Yeah.

Catelin (15:30):

So you're thinking you want to coach college program. I mean that high level?

Zach (15:36):

Whatever I can find.

Catelin (15:37):

Yeah. "Will you have me? I will be there." I totally get that. Awesome. Well, this was delightful. Thank you for answering all of my questions.

Zach (15:37):

No problem.

Catelin (15:48):

It nice to chat with you.

Zach (15:49):

You too.

Catelin (15:49):

You're our office introvert right now. So I'm really looking forward to using all of the things that I've learned here to force you to talk to me in the real, when we're not on microphones.

Zach (16:02):

Sounds good.

Catelin (16:02):

All right. Thanks Zach.

            Welcome back to Cocktails, Tangents and Answers a marketing podcast from Antidote 71. I am one of your hosts, Catelin Drey. And I'm here with intern Emma, one of our summer 2022 interns. And we're going to grill her about what she hopes to get out of this internship, but it will be painless. I promise. So thanks for being here, Emma.

Emma (16:34):

Thank you for having me.

Catelin (16:35):

Oh my gosh. Like you had a choice. No, you did have a choice and so really thank you. So let's start. Tell me just a little bit, but the good stuff about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you studying? What are you studying? How did you end up being here?

Emma (16:52):

Okay. I'm Emma [inaudible 00:16:54]. I'm originally from Sioux City, Iowa, but I ended up going to school at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa. I'm a double major in advertising and graphic design. So I am very busy.

Catelin (17:05):

So I get no sleep and I'm studying all the time.

Emma (17:09):

And I'm in multiple clubs. So that's fun.

Catelin (17:12):

I want to know about your clubs.

Emma (17:14):

So I'm actually the president of -

Catelin (17:17):

No big deal.

Emma (17:18):

Of Women Who Design, which is basically just a women empowerment club for design majors.

Catelin (17:24):

I love this so much. You're giving me goosebumps. This is spectacular.

Emma (17:29):

It's so fun. It's so amazing too when we have big groups of people come in and we all just have fun and we'll do a mix of informational and like fun meetings. Okay. So we'll have resume workshops and just career readiness, I guess. Yeah. And then we'll do craft nights. We'll do Pictionary. We'll do movies, treats.

Catelin (17:49):

So is it like design majors only? Is that where the In Design part comes in?

Emma (17:54):

Yeah, we're trying to expand and just be like, anyone who's interested in design can come too. So that's kind of how we have started marketing ourselves, I guess, is mostly majors in design just because that's a lot of the stuff we go over, but we're also like, if you're interested, please come.

Catelin (18:12):

Because I mean, that can be helpful, especially as people try and diversify a skill set, but so much of that, career readiness, professionalism that's applicable for anyone. I mean that's, yeah. I was talking with our other intern, Zach, a little bit about soft skills and how valuable that stuff is. Have you had a favorite professional nugget from that?

Emma (18:40):

I don't know.

Catelin (18:40):

I'm putting you on the spot. I know. Does one thing stand out, or a couple of things?

Emma (18:45):

As far as what I've learned so far?

Catelin (18:48):


Emma (18:50):

I definitely think web design has been something I've been interested in. Just because it is such a new thing too, that they're starting to teach at Iowa State.

Catelin (18:59):

You've come to the right place.

Emma (19:00):

Yes. Yes.

Catelin (19:02):

Because I mean, that's part of your internship with us too is website management, design. I mean, I don't know a ton of the nitty gritty details of what you're doing, but that's, I mean, you're thinking through concepting interface, user experience, all of those things, right?

Emma (19:21):


Catelin (19:21):

Yeah. I love this crossover right now... it's a crossover episode. We're doing a crossover episodes.

Emma (19:30):


Catelin (19:30):

That's spectacular. I also want to talk about the empowerment piece of that. Can you say more about that?

Emma (19:39):

I don't know. I guess I'm just all for women supporting women. And because women are so underrepresented, even in the design field, which you wouldn't think that, but that really is how it is. So just to have that space where women in design can come together and just be there for each other and support each other.

Catelin (19:59):

Do you find that there are more or less men versus women majoring? Or is it pretty equally split?

Emma (20:08):

I guess for me, it's hard to tell because a lot of my classes have a lot of women in it, but you look at architecture and landscape architecture and industrial design and those are very male dominated.

Catelin (20:23):

Yeah. So this is design on a very broad scale.

Emma (20:27):


Catelin (20:27):

That's super interesting. Do you have a lot of interdisciplinary participants then? I was picturing it as in the college of visual arts, but this is all.

Emma (20:41):

This is College of Design. So it's interior, graphic, industrial architecture, landscape architecture. I feel like, oh, interdisciplinary. Which is the fine arts and stuff like that.

Catelin (20:54):

You have a huge circle then.

Emma (20:56):


Catelin (20:57):

That's spectacular. So you're getting to pick up some architecture tips and they're getting some website stuff that's so fascinating.

Emma (21:04):

Yeah. We had a meeting this past semester where we kind of looked at other people's work from each major. And so I was like, "Whoa, I did not know that was stuff that you guys are learning."

Catelin (21:16):

Yeah. That's cool. Can I audit a club? Am I too old to join this club? I think this would be very fun. I'll sit quietly in the back. You won't even know I'm there. That's not true at all. I would absolutely participate. That's also really one of the reasons that I like doing the job that I do is because I get to see so many different industries and kind of the inner workings of things. I know much more about semi trucks and insurance than I ever thought that I would. And some of that is useful and even just a small talk conversation where you can like, "Oh, I understand what you're talking about because I've had this X, Y, Z experience." So that's super interesting. I want to kind of revisit or go back to what it is that brought you here. What are you good at? And what do you like doing that made you feel like this internship was the place you needed to be?

Emma (22:18):

Honestly, what drew me towards this internship so much was the fact that I wasn't just going to be sitting here working on projects that other people were working on. And it was like, I had this own thing that I would be able to create and build on. Which that was really appealing to me.

Catelin (22:33):

Yeah. So, let's fill in some context, I touched on this a little bit with Zach too, but this to me is like a very different internship than what you would find.

Emma (22:33):

Oh yeah.

Catelin (22:44):

In a lot of other businesses, and even in the marketing field specifically. So you and Zach are in charge of building, designing, maintaining a web store, basically. So you're choosing products and designing things. You are in charge of website analytics and visual design. It's like, you kind of have free reign and then our leadership team is kind of acting as your bosses. Is that fair?

Emma (23:15):


Catelin (23:16):

Okay. Yeah. I remember when Rich rolled out the concept of this, it was something that he had kind of been percolating on because part of what we want to do too, is provide value to you guys, but also potentially create future employees for us where this is a very real world application for your skills. And I remember when he was talking about this in our staff meeting and we were all like, this is a spectacular concept because it's so different from what a lot of internships are, where it's you show up and you're like, oh, I'm running papers from one place to the next or answering phones or, yeah. So it's fun to hear that kind of reciprocated back to us that that experience is what was exciting to you.

Emma (23:16):


Catelin (24:07):

So what part are you looking for [inaudible 00:24:14]?

Emma (24:14):

I guess I've already started doing the website design stuff. So that's been super fun. Because another one of my little interests and graphic design is layout. Whether it be magazine or web layout. It's just really fun to arrange the stuff and make it look pretty.

Catelin (24:33):

And so much of that too, as we have been working on websites, a lot of people think through what it should look like visually, but the part that some website designers miss is the way that it should function. And so being able to see those pieces work together from the outset is, I hope, really valuable for you.

Emma (24:54):

Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think it will be.

Catelin (24:56):

That's so cool. Have you had other professional? I say, like air quote, "professional jobs"?

Emma (25:05):

I've done a few other internships. Last summer I was at my mom's office helping them out. But I did some projects for them and then, but a lot of it same thing. It was just busy work, them having me helping them with projects. And then I did one during high school at the Northwest Education Agency. I don't know if I can say that.

Catelin (25:29):

Yeah, at another local business.

Emma (25:35):

At another agency for education. And that was, I guess I was still kind of new to the design world. So I didn't have the skills that I do now. But a lot of that was helping them finish up the posters, helping them finish up the banners. So it was a lot of just, again, helping them with stuff and it wasn't really creating something on my own.

Catelin (26:00):

Not as much like initiative required.

Emma (26:02):


Catelin (26:03):

Yeah. I think that's one thing that people don't necessarily appreciate either about having an intern is that it's a lot of work on the side of the business to manage and create meaningful work for another person. That's not necessarily what they would be doing day to day or just that extra management piece. And yeah. I think it's really easy to say, "We'll just get an intern." But then what kind of value is the intern getting and what value is the business getting? And so this, hopefully you're kind of our test case too. You're our pilot class for this. So we're hoping that this kind of new model pays off for everyone really. Have you noticed anything that's different here versus those other places?

Emma (27:01):

More chill environment.

Catelin (27:03):

We're very fun and cool. Thank you. I feel youthful and wonderful. Yeah, we do. We have fun while we work hard for sure. Thank you for noticing.

Emma (27:16):

I definitely appreciate the non-traditional workplace where I can just wear my [inaudible 00:27:22] t-shirt.

Catelin (27:22):

Wear your Cubbies. We had a relaxed, I can't remember the term that we used, like "smart casual" dress code, pre COVID and then post COVID. We're like, we're not taking a ton of meetings in person. So as long as you're comfortable and it's not weird, just wear what you want because we don't have time to patrol that. So yeah. I agree.

            Do you know yet what your post college plans are? I hate this question for you so much because I'm 35 and I don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

Emma (28:01):

No, it's definitely a question. I get asked a lot.

Catelin (28:03):

I'm sure, do you have just your note card?

Emma (28:07):

My response usually is if I end up doing something on the ad side, it's definitely going to be creative, like making the ads. So basically what I'm doing here. And if I do something on the graphic side, there's a lot of different things I could do with that. So probably the more I learn, maybe some UX UI design. Maybe looking into magazine layout. Because I really enjoyed that. Basically anything I guess, but yeah.

Catelin (28:39):

It's also, you don't have to decide. Like I said, I still don't know. This is kind of a follow up, how do you think this internship will help you in that way?

Emma (28:51):

I definitely think just learning a lot more about UXUI design and working in a marketing agency to get the feel for maybe what the ad side would look like.

Catelin (29:03):

Yeah, that's one thing we I've talked with our, she's kind of our junior designer, about. She had done internal marketing previously where she was working for a single organization and that's just a lot of repetition, but on the agency side, you kind of get to see all of it. So now she's doing print, she's doing digital, she's designing websites and learning all of those pieces. So yeah. And I'm excited to see what happens. My final question for you and probably the most important, your favorite place to eat in Sioux City as a native. So I feel like you have an extra layer of expertise.

Emma (29:46):

It's really hard.

Catelin (29:47):


Emma (29:48):

It really depends on my mood.

Catelin (29:49):


Emma (29:50):

So let's say, I don't know. Mexican food, Me Familia is one of my go-tos right now.

Catelin (29:57):


Emma (29:58):

Marto's is my favorite lunch spot because of their grilled cheese they have.

Catelin (30:03):

I was just going to ask, because they do the bruschetta grilled cheese, right? Or is it the [inaudible 00:30:07].

Emma (30:03):

It has a chipotle aioli on it.

Catelin (30:06):


Emma (30:11):

And then bacon and cheese.

Catelin (30:13):

So that's not what I was thinking, but that also sounds really good.

Emma (30:16):

It's delicious.

Catelin (30:17):

Really good.

Emma (30:19):

I used to really like Soho, but I feel like they've changed their menu a lot.

Catelin (30:23):

It's been so hard for me to keep up with the menu changes, because they used to have a breakfast burger that we talked about all the time. Julie, if you're listening, bring back the breakfast burger and you'll have an office full of people waiting at the door.

Emma (30:38):

Their club sandwich was really good too. And that's what I used to get the time. But I don't think they have that anymore. I haven't been there in a hot minute.

Catelin (30:46):

I'm fondly remembering their macaroni and cheese with the crumbles on top. There was a bread crumb layer. Okay. It's after lunch, but I feel like I need a redo on lunch. Now I also want to go eat all those things you just talked about.

Emma (31:00):


Catelin (31:01):

We should make a list.

Emma (31:02):

Iron Hill was really good too, but they closed that.

Catelin (31:04):

That's heartbreaking.

Emma (31:05):

So we can't go there anymore.

Catelin (31:05):

Oh my gosh.

Emma (31:08):

They're teriyaki chicken was my favorite.

Catelin (31:09):

You're giving me Sioux City deep cuts right now too.

Emma (31:11):

This is all the places that are go-tos because that's where me and my family eat a lot. Yeah. Bar Louie too even, that's a good one.

Catelin (31:21):

The loaded tots at Bar Louie are.

Emma (31:22):

I haven't had those yet.

Catelin (31:24):


Emma (31:24):

But they're little sliders. Very good.

Catelin (31:27):

Say more about that. What's on a slider?

Emma (31:30):

So they're-

Catelin (31:30):

Do we have time for this? This is important. It's fine.

Emma (31:34):

If it doesn't make the cut it's fine. So they're obviously little sliders and then they have a little onion, pickle jam or not pickle, onion bacon jam.

Catelin (31:44):

I'm trying to remember if I've had those or if I've had something similar somewhere else. But I love those.

Emma (31:49):

I think Marto's also has something very similar.

Catelin (31:52):

My mouth is water. I go have some bacon jam. All right, Emma, this was a delight. Thank you so much for making me starving.

Emma (31:59):

Thank you.

Rich (32:03):

That's it. For another episode of Cocktails, Tangents and Answers.

Catelin (32:06):

We hope it was as much fun to listen to as it was to make.

Rich (32:09):

You could find me on Twitter or Instagram at, @Richmackey. I try not to make it too difficult. It's just my name. And you can find our agency at antidote_71. That's A-N-T-I-D-O-T-E underscore 71 on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Catelin (32:24):

And you can find me at home sipping a craft cocktail prepared by my in-home bartender. It's my husband.

Rich (32:30):

We'll be back with another episode every other week and a whole new cocktail recipe, plenty more tangents. And of course answers to those pressing marketing questions.

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